Thursday, April 29, 2010


Now who could resist this beautiful destination in our Postcards Competition at ScrapBoutique ????

The entries for Week 1 were amazing, hopefully the levels of interest will be maintained as we scrap our way all around the globe. Not that I've done much scrapping recently.......although I did manage my Italy LO & one of the challenges for the CC, as well as the Sunday Roast LO. So I guess that's not too bad after all.

Quick trip to Sydney this week for my pre-admission appt at RPA. Found our way there OK but changed our accommodation from the pub next door which was a dive, up the street to Rydges. Saw lots of different staff at hospital, everyone was nice & friendly - but I'm still scared witless about it all :( And 6 weeks of virtually being housebound afterwards - hope it's not too long before I can scrap or I'll really go mental!!!!!!!

Back later with some LOs.


  1. thinking of you amanda, stay strong mate xox

  2. Hope everything goes well for you Amanda :) thinking of you!

    I think I'd be going mental too not being able to scrap for 6 weeks! Lets hope that won't be the case for you.

  3. Hope everything goes wonderfully smoothly! Rydges sounds MUCH nicer than the pub;)

  4. Amanda, wishing you all the best for your upcoming operation, sending hugs to you and family!!