Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm off in the morning to spend the weekend in the Southern Highlands with 7 of the TickLed Pink girls. We are hoping there is something of the tulips left - unfortunately the weather has had a big effect on them but lucky for us Sue took some lovely photos just before the bad storms hit the other week. So we will have them to fall back on for our scrapping :-) With it being so cold here today, I've put off packing but now it looks like I'll be pulling warm things out of the back of the closet. It has apparently snowed down around Canberra today!!!!!

No scrapping to share as yet - it's been all Boutique stuff this week. But we'll be scrapping over the weekend, so am looking forward to that!!! OK I'm off to throw some stuff into a bag.


  1. sounds like great fun honey...have an awesome weekend

  2. have a great weekend Amanda! I am very jealous....Congrats on your SM pick up!! thats very exciting xxx

  3. have a great time away amanda and take care of yourself!! xox