Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have a degenerative hip condition.

Four months of leg pain, limping, crying in agony, drs visits, painkillers, xrays, bone scans & MRIs have finally culminated in a near diagnosis. I say near, cause the actual condition still has to be confirmed by an orthopeadic surgeon, who I hopefully will get in to see in the next couple of weeks. And then it may mean a hip replacement :( It's been quite a ride!!!

Waiting for Fliss to come home from her 2nd interview with a company in Newcastle. Fingers crossed she gets this position & then she needs to get her drivers licence. Lots going on with that young lady.

And I've been busy today helping Chelsea again at the Boutique. She has been inundated with orders from last week's sale. I love the process & just being surrounded by all that product, as well as getting a peak of some new gorgeousness which will be uploaded to the shop once the sale orders are cleared.

Teresa came over to scrap with me on Monday. We had a nice day chatting & scrapping & chatting & eating scrummy cupcakes she cooked. I'm very close to finishing off my 2009 Yearly album & I finally completed 4 of the extra class LOs as well. All in all a good day!!!!!!!

I have some challenge LOs to upload but I can't find my camera cord & I'm too tired to look for I think I'll go have a nap before tea preparations.


  1. Oh man - Ive had n aching hip for months!
    Sounds awful

  2. ouch!!! but it must feel good knowing there is a reason for the pain!!! Hope the interview was a success!!!

  3. Hugs Amanda, hope they can do something for you soon :(
    Hope you behaved yourself in the Boutique!