Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I finished off my LOs from Peta's class.

Again my LO photography leaves a bit to be desired, obviously too much shadow, but what the heck. I really enjoyed scrapping these.

And this bright one is for Scraplift the Diva, a lift of one of the boss lady Michelle's LO. This was another one I started at Chelsea's. I love scrapping with friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the good wishes re my specialist appt today. Still have to have another scan next week before my doctors can give me an exact diagnosis.
More waiting................

And some good news....Fliss got a full time job today at NSA in Wickham. She's pretty chuffed!!!!!!


  1. Wow they all look fantastic Amanda!
    I wish I could do fast scrapping...I am a real slow poke! LOL

    sorry to hear that you have more waiting until next week for another scan - hope it goes quickly for you & that it has a good result :)

    Congrats to Fliss on the new job!!!
    Hope it all goes well for her....

  2. your pages turned out amazing Amanda - love them all!!!!
    sorry to hear you have more waiting to do - hope the outcome is a positive one for you :)))
    congrats to Fliss

  3. congrats fliss! does that mean no more maccas? keep us posted about your health amanda xo