Saturday, September 12, 2009


The Knights' season is finished after a 26:12 loss to the Bulldogs. They just couldn't get enough points on the board although their defence was pretty awesome. Looks like I'll be back to supporting the Dragons now!!!!!

Had a fun night with the girls last night - lots of laughs & a cute little album to boot. I seriously need a week just to finish off my album projects at the moment.

No scrapping today - Riley had a party out at Seaham this morning and in the time that he was gone, I cleaned out the big cupboards in the rumpus room. Took 5 boxes of stuff up to the school for the trash/treasure stall tomorrow, at the Spring Fair.

And talking of spring, what a beautiful day it was today!!! I'm itching to do some spring cleaning & declutter this house. Cleaning out cupboards has put me in the mood to pack the whole house up. We'll see what the next week brings.

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  1. Gee Amanda, you have inspired me to do a bit of spring cleaning too lol!!!!!!!

    Did Riley's b/day party and the Spring Fair go well. I hope so.